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Coffee Grounds to Community Grounds.

Updated: May 8, 2019

With starting a company we talk a lot about goals, we hash our what is important to us and what is not, what platform will we stand on and what will need to be said no to. As a team what resounded through was that coffee creates community, and everyone on our team agrees community was the highest goal. Community is a breading ground for creativity, for all sorts of collisions, business partnerships, friendships, reconnections, sweet memories, family time, the sharing of talents, resources or ideas. Community is essential in our human existence, it allows us to step into a place we were always born to live in, fellowship. Fellowship literally meaning "fellow" or same "ship" meaning boat, so like another way to say we are all on this boat together, this boat of life together, we need it, crave it, miss it when it's gone, should value whenever it is there. I would hope I am never out of fellowship, out of the boat on my own life raft, but sadly I have been and some have been too, and some of your friends might have opted out of hanging out for so long that you know they are a drift the open seas, not going any where slowly.

We have seen and been those a drift, but one thing that is a sure way that we have been life lined back on to the "ship," was through an invite, a coffee date, a reconnect, a remembrance, a space, a time, a feeling , a place that made you feel like you could belong again. Well for me I came back out of my life raft, alone and a drift onto a boat of communion, a warm meal, of bread and a bed through a simple honest coffee with a friend. So we hope that Yes Coffee is a place for you that makes you feel that spark that you could, and you can belong, and not only could you or can you, please come, the invite is here, and we hope that a simple cup of excellent coffee, presented well, served from warm hearted people, and creating a space for connection, brings onto the ship. This is who we are, we are community.

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